**Read Now** A Powerful Message from The Revelation Rainbow

Published August 9, 2017

Get your Concordance and look up the word “Vision” and search for yourself.

Jacob had a vison of the ladder of Christ, and we should interpret what it meant.

David had visions of the THRONE of Christ, and we are to interpret what they

meant. Isaiah had a vison of the THRONE, and he fell in awe before Christ’s

presence. Ezekiel had several visions, and we must have the Mind of the Spirit to

interpret them. Zechariah’s nine visions are not given to be wasted on a dust covered

desk top where The Bible sits; the visions are to be interpreted. Paul’s vision

of Christ on the road to Damascus (left him blind, speechless and dumbfounded)

is related three times in the Book of Acts and in the Book of Galatians, and there

is a wealth of wisdom to be gleaned from an interpretation of the vision. The

apocalyptic visions that John had on the Aisle of Patmos caused him to fall down

like a dead man (Re 1:7).

316 | C H A R L E S WA L T E R D O U G H T Y

It is a shame that even young children, ages three and up will spend hours, days,

and weeks learning to interpret the symbols and icons of an electronic device, but

both children and adults for the most part cannot interpret ONE symbol given

in the Book of Revelation. This includes us pastors and teachers as well, who simply

do not want to pay the price the Patriarchs, Prophets, Apostles and diligent

students of The Apocalypse have paid in prayerful searching of the Apocalypse,

the history of the times, the time tested meaning of apocalyptic symbols, and of

course, the discipline of exegetical hermeneutics.

When is the last time we fell on the couch exhausted, our minds spinning with

apocalyptic information from Heaven and we were in such prayerful meditations

and ponderings that we felt like we were in a daze? The problem with students of

Revelation is that they open the Book and want it to be as elementary as a Gospel

story. When they face an apocalyptic truth that may requires spiritual, prayerful

brainstorming, they put the book down or consult a futuristic wizard who tells

him exactly the opposite of what the Word of God says. We are not so paranoid

that we cannot accept a challenge or disagreement; but if we encounter a challenge,

we expect the challenger to present us with a far better interpretation. This

work of interpreting the Sacred Revelation is very hard work. God is to be

praised. It is worth it all!