Why Satan Loves Suffering. P262

Published June 29, 2017

Revelation 9:6: During those days’ men will seek death, but will not find it; they
will long to die, but death will elude them.

People who are deluded, deceived, and confused by the darkness of pseudo religion become so agitated that they want to die, but most people do not die. How often have we heard people say, “I just wish I were dead”? These people are so agitated that they would prefer death to life. Since the people who suffer make other people suffer, they become liabilities to those who are in Christ. Satan’s purpose is to demoralize everyone and everything. When Satan demoralizes people, he causes them to forget that Christ is in control!

Demoralized people attempt to prevent the spread of the Gospel testimony. These
locusts inspire Satan’s unknowing workers to torment the Earth, so people cannot think about the Gospel, let alone allow it to spread. A wartime example of
this would be when a wounded soldier becomes a liability, he may place at least
three other soldiers in harm’s way when they tend to him. Demons know that
because of the Satanic-like love of self, tormented, “wounded” souls drag down
other souls. This is part of the terrorist agenda to conquer populations through
terror, fear, and shared grief that cripples the will.

The above passage is also the only Scripture to address the thought of suicide. The men seek death, and they long to die, but it eludes them.” What most people are unaware of is that suicide is a way out of this world into another existence. The existence described here is not pleasant. Unless forbidden by God, Satan does have power to kill someone (Job 1:12), but in this text we see that a tormented, dysfunctional individual is of more value to Satan. There are hundreds of examples, but one alcohol or drug abuser can bring more harm to his family, community, and social network as a long term abuser than he could if he died.

Why should Satan kill his victim when he can use that victim to destroy others? This way, he gets both. This is one of the greatest reasons why there is so much evil in the world. However, we must remember this world is not totally Christ-less, and Satan is not unconditionally loosed upon us all.