MUST READ: Judgement Day is Just Around the Corner!! pp232-233

Published June 7, 2017

Sodom is an example of suffering “the vengeance of eternal fire” (Jude 1:7). Just
as the two angels visited Sodom (Ge 19:1), and ONE of those messengers had to
be Christ (the only ONE qualified to judge the Sodomites – Ge 19:9), so God
will have the absolutely, perfect records of all humanity (and human interaction)
before His THRONE. God’s angels of this omniscient intelligence agency will
confirm the evidence and present the final reckoning and account (Rev 14:15-
19). Just what they meant when the last three angels told Christ, “The world is
ripe for the harvest,” is an open question, but quite understandable. Obviously,
the world will have been in such a deteriorated spiritual condition because “The
Faith” (Lk 18:8) of Christ and His Apostles was lost. The report these angels gave
to the Judge of the universe was not good. The sharp sheath was swung with the
fury of divine indignation and humanity wallowed in their retributory blood. As
Sodom ceased to be, so the world of humanity will breathe its last breath.
232 | C H A R L E S WA L T E R D O U G H T Y
Christ being God, and God being God, He knows how many righteous souls are
left in this Nation. It is not only the sin of sodomy but a whole range of sins that
can overtake a nation in a short time. Not only will God judge us, but the men
of Sodom will not be treated as severely by The Lord in Judgment Day as will
Americans who have access to the Gospel 24 hours a day, every day of their lives
(Mt 10:15, 12:42). If Sodom would have repented under the preaching of the
Gospel of Christ, what does this have to say about modern-day America?
Federal judges who sponsored and exported the sin of sodomy to their circuits,
precincts, and the entire nation will be held completely accountable for leading
children astray. Placing a concrete block around their necks and casting them into
the sea (Lk 17:2) would be an act of mercy compared to the wrath they will
encounter for teaching Americans (especially children) to sin with impunity. A
federal judge is guilty of soulful 1st degree murder when he or she casts their lot
and decision in favor of sodomy. In addition to judges, teachers, politicians, religious
leaders, counselors, and the medical community will also be held accountable