Great ideas in just a few words. P333 Of The Revelation Rainbow

Published May 2, 2017

Advocates of false doctrine present the façade of being non-judgmental because they believe everything and embrace nothing with any zest. Embracing nothing leads to the following the adage, “A man who stands for nothing will fall for everything.”

In our library, we have workbooks on three sessions dealing with the doctrine of
“Expedience.” Expedience means to work through strategic processes and thereby expedite the journey from the “here” and “now” in order to arrive at the “there” and “then” (ideal state). The Greek word means “ex” (out of ), “paidos” (child) “Out of care for the child.” Now we know the rest of the story. An expedition is a process that moves from the current state to the ideal state, and we care for each other as a parent for a child. Mere judgmental difficulties were no excuse for our young Brother to leave New Covenant Christianity. If he wanted, God could have led him to find other New Covenant leaders.

The name of this “New Game” is that love is lust for modern-day pleasure (1Co
13:6). Grace is license to do what makes you happy (Jude 1:4; Ro 6:1, 2). Holiness
is an old fashioned, sober faced existence of absolute misery (Tit 2:12; Heb
12:14). Discipline is an old fashioned practice that no longer works (Heb 12:9;
Jas 5:7; 1Co 15:58; 1Pe 5:10). Abstinence is for old fogies who are really missing
out on life (1Th 4:3, 4; 1Co 6:18; 2Ti 2:22; Col 3:5) In Philippians 4:5, the word
“epikeia” is mistakenly translated in K.J.V., “moderation,” but means “gentleness,
reasonableness, or yieldedness” (Richard Chenevix Trench).78 Abstaining from
rage and yielding to the Holy Spirit in a world that is going mad is one of the
greatest tests of a child of God. Biblical expedience does not lead a person to lose
their spiritual equilibrium. Biblical expedience enhances our spiritual equilibrium for the betterment and further advancement of TRUTH.