The Revelation Rainbow is replete with Communion Meditations…like this one p.160-161

Published April 25, 2017

This section of the Revelation Rainbow regarding the Laodicean Church would be a fantastic Communion Meditation for anyone who wants to present an authentic idea that is thoughtful and thought provoking.  God Bless in your study.

Christ admonishes the Laodiceans. He wants them to realize His blessings, that
they are enriched and clothed in Him, and that their vision may be restored. He
wants His Kingdom to “Be Zealous” for Him! Real religion cannot exist without
enthusiasm. The Congregation at Laodicea had lost its enthusiasm for Christ
(Rev 2:4), but Christ wants Christians to be boiling for Him! (3:15, 16). This
kind of zeal is contagious (2Cor 9:2), and it produces good works (Gal 4:18; Col

Because the Laodiceans lacked zeal, Christ calls them to “repent!” Repentance is
what stands between an erring Christian and our Savior’s forgiveness. He says, “I
stand at the door and knock” making a touching plea for the repentance of his
followers. He threatens them that if they do not repent, God will turn them away
from His grace (Heb 3:12; Gal 5:4; Jn 15:16). However, to those who overcome,
there is a promised reward that is honor above all honors. Faithful believers will
sit on God’s very throne with Christ. Those believers will sit at the place of the
highest honor! Sitting next to Christ!

It is spiritually breathtaking and intellectually staggering to think that Christ
wants to invite others to dine with Him. However, this is exactly what He is saying in verse 20. The Greek word for dine or eat is deipnon, which is the chief meal of the day. The word deipnon is used when Christ celebrates His marriage to His spiritual bride (Rev 19:9) and is also used for the Lord’s Supper (1Co 11:20). But there is more. In addition, deipnon is used for the supper in Revelation 19:17,
which is the feast of all the ungodly. What a dynamic revelation that every person in the universe is invited to a religious supper. Some will partake of the Lord’s Supper at His Communion Table on the First Day of (each) week (Ac 20:7) and dine with Him eternally in the next world (Rev 19:9). Others will become a supper themselves for carrion fowl, which like buzzard’s feast on their carcasses (Rev. 19:17). Partaking of a divine supper or being supper for flesh-eating buzzards is the greatest choice a person will ever make. Of course, the vultures devouring human flesh is an apocalyptic representation of how horrible it is to die outside of the grace of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

How interesting to note that those who are married to the Lamb of God are
invited to “The marriage supper of the Lamb” (Rev 19:9), while on the other
hand, the flesh-eating vultures are eating the human carcasses of those that
rejected Christ, in what the Scriptures call “the supper of the great God” (Rev

Jesus will have supper with us at the table – personally. This text gives a deep-seated emotional reflection upon how privileged we are to have a personal invitation from Jesus Christ to sit at the Lord’s Table with Him in His Kingdom every first day of the week. Jesus prophesied, “I will not eat it again until it finds fulfillment in the Kingdom of God” (Lk 22:16; 1Co 11:20; Ac 20:7).

It is ungratefulness to the nth degree for Christians to refuse to dine with Him at
the Lord’s Table weekly. Yes, we fellowship with Him daily, but this includes a
special fellowship every week.